Bookkeeping and Payroll

Monfalcone & Garris offers comprehensive bookkeeping and payroll services to assist business owners in operating and managing their company in an efficient and tax compliant manner. Our CPA’s and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s work with business owners to design accounting and payroll systems tailored to fit their needs. Our bookkeeping and payroll services have proven to be valuable business solutions that allow owners and management to spend more time growing their business.

Bookkeeping and Payroll


  • Process Accounts Payable
    • Receive and record bills
    • Create checks for vendor payments
    • Monitor payable balance
  • Process Accounts Receivable
    • Create invoices and monitor receivables balance
  • Monthly Transactions (“Write-up”)
    • Use check registers to create financial statements for management use
    • Reconcile bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • Monthly/Quarterly Review
    • Review accounting software for posting errors
    • Reconcile bank accounts and credit card accounts
    • Assist with development of employee accounting skills
  • Consulting
    • Assist with set-up and training on accounting software
    • Make suggestions for management to create an efficient and effective accounting system
    • Assist with training new personnel on accounting software


  • Assist with payroll set-up in your accounting software
  • Assist with the creation of federal and state tax withholding accounts and unemployment tax accounts
  • Process payroll including creating paychecks and electronically transmitting payroll tax payment and other withholding items
  • Utilize direct deposit when desirable
  • Assist with set-up of online tax withholding and unemployment tax payment accounts
  • Assist with the proper treatment of pre-tax and after-tax payroll deductions such as medical insurance, dental insurance, retirement deferrals, health savings accounts, health club memberships, etc.
  • Assist with classification of workers as either independent contractors or employees
  • Prepare required quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns
  • Assist with the correction of errors and adjusting year-end wages for proper W-2 reporting of shareholder health insurance premiums, personal use of a company automobile and life insurance premiums paid
  • Prepare multi-state payrolls
  • Prepare or complete reports required for Worker’s Compensation audits
  • Participate in payroll tax audits and respond to government notices on behalf of management
  • Calculate and track payroll tax deposit frequency and rate changes
  • Monitor and alert management of payroll tax law changes and resulting potential impact on the business

Regulatory Reporting

  • Assist with registering for meals, sales and use tax accounts
  • Prepare and submit meals, sales and use tax returns
  • Determine vendors required to receive Form 1099 and prepare the required forms
  • City and county business license return preparation
  • Business tangible personal property tax return preparation