FAQ: Monfalcone & Garris, PC

Here are some frequently asked questions that we commonly encounter at Monfalcone & Garris. We hope they will also be of assistance to you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch, we are happy to be of service.

Can Monfalcone & Garris help me start a business in Charlottesville / Albemarle County?

Our experienced professionals can advise and assist you with timely filing of all tax related requirements necessary for starting a new business; from determining the best type of entity for your business and the completion of any necessary elections to individualized bookkeeping and payroll needs to tax preparation.

How much will it cost to prepare my tax return?

Each return is unique and is based upon the time required to prepare a complete and accurate tax return. Please call our office at (434) 971-7255 for a personalized quote.

Can Monfalcone & Garris assist me with all my accounting needs?

Our dedicated professionals can assist you with tax preparation and planning, business start-ups, financial reporting, bookkeeping, payroll and management and consulting. See our services pages for a complete list of our tax and accounting services.

How can Monfalcone & Garris assist in business growth?

Due to our broad range of accounting and consulting services provided, we can review your business accounting records and make suggestions to improve cash flow and net income. In addition, outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities can allow the decision makers of your company to spend more time on growing the bottom line and less time managing administrative tasks.

How does Monfalcone & Garris keep my information confidential?

Employees of Monfalcone & Garris do not discuss personal information with anyone outside of the firm without your written consent. Emails containing confidential data are transmitted via a secure FTP site. Every effort is made to keep our computer systems secure and your personal information private.

How do I pick a CPA firm in Charlottesville?

A great way to find a CPA firm in Charlottesville is to ask some of your friends, relatives, neighbors, or trusted colleagues for recommendations. Try to inquire with individuals or other business owners who are in a similar financial situation. Another viable option would be to consult with other professionals that have served you in the past such as an attorney, financial advisor or banker. These professionals will likely have knowledge of CPA firms in Charlottesville that are well-respected in the community and a good fit for you.

Can Monfalcone & Garris provide QuickBooks training and support?

Monfalcone & Garris has Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors as well as a bookkeeping and payroll department well versed in QuickBooks software who are available to advise and assist you with your QuickBooks accounting needs.

Can Monfalcone & Garris help me with an IRS notice or audit?

Monfalcone & Garris  can communicate directly with the IRS on a clients behalf to resolve any issues which result in an IRS notice. Our staff can review and gather information requested by auditors and if necessary meet with the auditor along with you to come to an equitable resolution.