Now that you are away from the immediate crush of tax preparation, consider making time for a personal financial tune-up. Assure that your current strategies will provide for the future that you envision.

  • Collect and organize all of your financial information so that the information is close-at-hand or easily retrievable when required. This will assist with determining that your assets are adequately protected, that you have funds available for emergencies, and that you are on track with your retirement goals. Be sure that someone you trust knows where the information can be found and how to access it.
  • Review your documents to make sure that all of your assets are titled as you want them to be and that all of your beneficiary designations are up-to-date. You may have had recent events in your family or financial situation that would necessitate a revision of your current legal documents, or for drafting another instrument to define a new goal. Ensure that your plans for the future are reflected in your written designations, including your will, trusts, and any other directives pertinent to your life.
  • Determine what your objectives are to meet your future financial goals. You may be planning for a home or investment purchase, funding education for children or grandchildren, or working toward a legacy fund for a favorite charity, while simultaneously looking ahead to retirement.

We are available to advise you concerning your financial tune-up. We can determine the impact that changes in the law have on your current income tax situation, and make tax projections for planning purposes. We will team with you, your attorney, investment advisor, financial planner, family members, and any other counselors, to develop a composite plan to make your financial goals realizable.

-Nancy B. Corley, EA